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Hospital Facilities


Hospital Facilities



  1. Oral medicine –

Diagnosis and treatment planning.

x- ray , intraoral and extraoral, OPG,



  1. Oral surgery –


Minor and major surgery.


Cyst removal

Facture/trauma treatment

Dental implants

All maxillofacial surgeries

  1. Conservative dentistry and endodontics –

Dental restorative treatments.

Amalgam filling

Composites and tooth coloured materials fillings.

Root canal treatment (RCT)

Post and core

Esthetic treatment/corrections, smile design

Endodontic  surgery

  1. Prosthodontics

Complete dentures.

Removable partial dentures

Cast partial dentures

Ceramic / metal crowns and bridges

Dental Implants

Flexible dentures

Maxillofacial prosthesis

  1. Periodontics

Scaling, root planning, curettage.

Flap surgery, gingivectomy

Dental implants

Bone graft surgeries

Periodontal plastic surgery

Periodontal laser surgery

  1. Orthodontics

All types of fixed appliances using various mechanotherapy

Fixed and removable appliances

Myofunctional appliances

Teeth alignment / smile design

Surgical orthodontic treatment

Special care for cleft lip/palate patients and patients with congenital defects

  1. Pediatric dentistry –

Complete dental treatment of children and adolescence patients.

Pediatric oral health counseling

Restorative treatment, space management, habit breaking appliances in children

  1. Oral pathology  -

Pathological and microscopical  examination of oral lesions

Biopsy examination

Cytological examination

  1. Preventive and community dentistry –

Complete oral health counseling

Complete examination , treatment guidelines and prevention protocol for all dental and oral diseases

Guidance to patients towards excellent oral health

Spreading dental awareness in the society

Conducting camps in the society for general awareness towards dental treatment





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